In order to comprehend the concept of big data, you might need to have slight know-how of its historical background. Gartner (2001) defines big data as “Big data is data that contains greater variety arriving in increasing volumes and with ever-higher velocity. This is known as the three Vs”. This definition is considered to be the go-to definition up till now.

To Set forth plainly, big data is large in size, more complicated data indexes, retrieved from new information sources. These informational collections are voluminous to such an extent that traditional data processing software can’t oversee them. Nevertheless, these enormous volumes of information can be utilized to address business issues you wouldn’t have had the option to handle previously.


Big data and its three Vs:

  • Volume:

In big data what matters is the volume or size of data. Usually, big data is associated with enormous volumes of data that is low in density; moreover, it is unstructured data. This could also be the data whose value is unknown such as twitter data feeds, Clickstreams on a Webpage or a mobile app, or sensor-enabled equipment. For certain associations, this may be hundreds of Terabytes of information. For other people, it might be hundreds of Petabytes.

  • Velocity:

Velocity is the fast pace at which information is retrieved and (maybe) followed up. Regularly, the most noteworthy velocity of data streams legitimately into memory as opposed to being composed on disk. Some web empowered smart items work continuously or close to constant and will require real time assessment and activity.

  • Variety:

Variety alludes to the numerous sorts of information that are accessible. Conventional information types were organized and fit perfectly in a relational database. With the ascent of big data, data comes in new unstructured information types. These Unstructured and semi structured information types, for instance, text, sound, and video, require extra preprocessing to determine significance and backing Metadata.


Big data- its value and accuracy:

Veracity and value are two additional Vs that have emerged with the passage of time. 

Data has natural worth. Yet, it’s of no utilization until that worth is found. A significant question that crosses the mind is how accurate your information is and besides this how much could you depend on it.

Currently, big data has been given the position of capital. Think about a portion of the world’s greatest tech organizations. An enormous aspect of the worth they offer originates from their data, which they’re continually analyzing to deliver more productivity and evolve new items.

Contemporary innovative advancements have exponentially decreased the expense of data stockpiling and computing, making it simpler and more affordable to store more information than any other time in recent memory. With an expanded volume of enormous information now less expensive and more reachable, business decisions could be made that are more refined and accurate.

Discovering an incentive in enormous data isn’t just about analyzing it, which is an entire other advantage. It’s a whole disclosure procedure that requires savvy examiners, business clients, and heads, who pose the correct inquiries, perceive designs, make educated presumptions, and anticipate conduct.


Applicability of big data under the assistance of Util360:

Util360 does not simply process numbers rather the approach Util360 acquires to deal with big data is far beyond processing numbers. Util360 acquires professional tools in order to fabricate solutions that are comprehensive and strive enthusiastically to get maximum benefit from each aspect of big data. Util360’s big data solution provides you the opportunity to address multiple business processes, starting from analytics to customer experience. Here are some of the enlisted applications of big data that could be taken advantage of:

  • Development of product:

Organizations like Netflix and Procter and Gamble utilize enormous data to envision client requests. They assemble prescient models for new items and administrations by arranging key credits of past and current items and displaying the connection between their properties and the business accomplishment of the offerings. Furthermore, P&G utilizes information and examination from center gatherings, web-based media, test markets, and early store Rollouts to plan, produce, and dispatch new items or services.

  • Prediction:

Elements that can anticipate mechanical disappointments might be profoundly covered in structured information, for example, the years, make, and model of hardware.  While unstructured information covers a large amount of log entries, sensor information, alerts regarding errors, and temperature of the engine. By examining these possible issues, organizations may maintain keeping it cost effective and upgrading parts even before the problem occurs.

  • Customer experience:

 A clear perspective on client experience is more conceivable now than any time in recent memory. Big data empowers you to assemble information from online media, web visits, call logs, and different sources to improve and enhance customer experience and augment the worth conveyed. Therefore, begin conveying customized offers, decrease client stir, and handle issues Proactively with Util360.

  • Fraud:

With regards to security, it’s not only a couple of smart programmers that you are dealing with— rather you’re facing a whole group of master hackers. Security landscapes and consistency prerequisites are continually advancing. Big data assists you to recognize designs in information that show misrepresentation or deception and enormous volumes of data makes administrative revealing a lot quicker and easier.

  • Machine learning:

There is a topic which has gone viral nowadays and that is machine learning. And the reason behind it is big data. With the help of big data now we accomplish something that was concerned to be next to impossible and that is, instead of programming machines we now teach them. The availability of big data to train machine learning models makes that possible.

  • Efficient operations:

Operational proficiency may not generally make the news, however it’s a territory wherein big data’s influence mostly occurs. With big data, production could be analyzed and accessed, client criticism and returns could be overseen, and different variables to decrease outages and prediction of future requests are all possible with the help of big data. Big data can likewise be utilized to improve dynamic in accordance with current market requests.

  • Zeal for transformation:

Big data can assist you to transform by examining interdependencies among people, organizations, substances, and procedures and afterwards decides innovative approaches to utilize these bits of knowledge. Data insights are used to improve choices about budgetary and arranging contemplations. New trends are examined and what new products or services does the customer want to launch. Dynamic pricing could be implemented and there are thousands of possibilities.


Challenges posed by big data:

(util360’s solution and services for you)

There are numerous advantages posed by big data, but it comes with some of the challenges as well.

  • Firstly, big data is enormously large in size, as the name suggests. Data could be stored as new technologies have been launching but, the size of data doubles after every two years. Therefore, organizations struggle hard enough to secure their data along with keeping pace with it. Util360 supports large amounts of data for their customers and helps them take advantage of our professional team.


  • It is insufficient to simply store the data. Usage of data as a valuable information is also necessary and that happens only due to Curation. It is extremely difficult to assemble data that is relevant to customers moreover, is organized enough to carry out analysis. Data researchers spent a great deal of time that is 50 to 80 percent on curating this data and organizing it so that it could be utilized. Thus, Util360 strives to organize the data for our customers through professional tools.


  • Beside these challenges big data technology innovates at an extremely fast pace. A few years ago, Apache Hadoop was the popular technology used to handle big data. Then Apache Spark was introduced in 2014. Currently an amalgamation of both these technologies is considered to be the best framework for it. To keep pace with this rapidly innovating technology is a massive challenge. Util360 keeps launching such professional tools to keep organizing data.


How does big data work?

Massive and profitable opportunities are opened up to you with the help of big data and along with it provide insight to you. Here is how Util360’s big data work with proficient tools:

  • Integration:

Util360 big data unites information from numerous sources and applications. Data integration mechanisms which were used previously such as ETL (extract, transform, and load) cannot keep up the standard. It requires new methodologies and innovations to investigate large informational collections at Terabyte, or even Petabyte, scale. Util360 acquires such updated technologies to perform the task smoothly.

  • Management:

Capacity is required for big data. Your storage arrangement can be in the cloud, on premises, or both. You can store your information in any structure you need to and suite your prerequisites and carry out important analysis on available data whenever you need to or on demand. Usually, the majority of the organizations choose storage capacity in accordance with where the data is stored initially. The cloud is step by step picking up ubiquity since it boosts your computing requirements. Along with this, you may spin up the resources whenever you want to. Util360 also manages your data and stores it so that it is secured, manageable and accessible.

  • Analyze:

Your investment in big data pays off when you analyze and act on your data. With the help of Util360, get new clarity with a visual analysis of your varied data sets. Explore the data further to make new discoveries. Share your findings with others. Build data models with machine learning and artificial intelligence and Put your data to work. All this could be done with Util360.



Util360 provides services and management that is found nowhere. Therefore, why not opt for Util360 and enjoy the benefits it has for you. Join hands today with Util360 and explore business opportunities that were least expected and grow.

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