Covid-19 has shattered all spheres of life including health, business, economy, education and what not. But it has significantly influenced the business and economy; let it be small, middle or large business, stable or unstable economies. Besides modifying major areas of human interests, every day it brings new challenges, alters the existing situations and humans are forced to learn something new. In such crucial situations, humans’ capability of staying buoyant in terms of business affairs and leveraging technology is examined. These are the times; therefore, where Util360’s top priority is to fulfill your operations and give you a hand so you may accept the unique demands made by masses without any concerns. 

It’s been a few years , Util360 has been serving to keep the business around the globe functional and intact. Moreover, it makes sure that industries are operating flawlessly. The fundamentals of our operations involve digitalization, towards which Covid-19 has propelled us all. In the critical times of pandemic, we feel proud to collaborate and succor utilities all across the globe and help them ride the roller coaster of crisis while remaining intact. We find ourselves at a stable position where we feel confident enough to fabricate adaptable utilities, with the help of digitalization. The mere purpose behind this is not only to serve the communities; moreover, you may carry out daily operations undisputedly along with controlling remote working. We aspire to make it possible for the business and utilities to facilitate them to stimulate and mobilize themselves along with pursuing their business with the help of digital technology.

Util360 wants to make sure and give you confidence that you may rely or depend on Util360 during these unanticipated times.


We deliver through technology

Util360’s top management makes sure that the commitments are abided by and with brand new strategies as prescribed with evolving situations. Our teams are situated worldwide and equipped with professional technological resources which keep us all intact and well connected. In order to fulfill the modern requirements of our clients and partners, we embrace technology and digitalization to coordinate and serve perfection. For future services, we feel assertive and assure quality services through our reliable system and coordination to connect and collaborate with each and every employee.

 Our top priority is the health of our clients, partners and our employees, because each one of them is the building block of our company.  Therefore, we have limited the physical travelling and ensure social distancing in order to safeguard you and ourselves. Our work from home strategy guarantees teamwork and quality deliverance of services under professional leadership. We make sure to abide by the rules and regulations suggested by the government; replacing in person meetings with virtual ones and minimizing large gatherings. Our team and management keeps a keen eye on every minute detail  and provides strategy accordingly.

Our utility customers can have guaranteed confidence in our fundamental execution. Our dedicated members have your back: to assist you in conveying the best client administrations and managing workforce, in present and in future as well.  We ensure extra spotlight on correspondence, coordination, and association with our customers to enable them to succeed and grow your business with us. And one thing which is far more acknowledged is our clients optimistic attitude which persuades us to deliver client satisfaction and quality services. 

If we all look at the brighter side of the picture, Covid-19 has shifted the entire system of utilities towards digitalization and helped enough to reduce manual work. If you had pondered on the fact then you might have come across a question; what cannot be done through digitalization? From paying bills, receiving alerts, outage management, managing multiple meters, keeping track of finances, resources utilization, reminders and managing remote workforce, mechanization has polished utility management setting aside all the threats of hurdles and disruptions.

Pandemics like Covid-19 can disturb the daily affairs and modules of life but we cannot sit behind and let our business ruin or stop functioning. We feel determined and enthusiastic enough to stand by the side of our clients, customers or partners and pave ways for infinite successful opportunities for their business so that it could grow and flourish.  

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